The Emblem

Our emblem is a symbolic one which reminds us that, although we are happily and gratefully retired clergy of the Greek Orthodox Church, yet each and every one of us remains ΙΕΡΕΥΣΕΙΣΤΟΝΑΙΩΝΑ - "A PRIEST FOREVER," as stated in Hebrews 5:6

The bright Byzantine colors of our emblem also have symbolic meaning. The outside circle represents our Golden Years, the blue, our Heavenly Kingdom, while the red stands for both, Our Lord's shed Blood and the Joy of His Glorious Resurrection. The inner XP abbreviates the name of our beloved Annointed One - XRISTOS. As for the fish, we who have spent a lifetime serving as "fishers of men," also know the acrostic meaning of the word IXQUS.

The emblem was created by Fr. Nicholas L. Vieron in 1993.