Member Biographies

Fr. William George Gaines

Celebrating sixty (60) years in the Ministry of the Lord and Archdiocese. Ordained October 1948.

1948 * Assigned to Oklahoma City, OK., St. George Church

1952 * Assigned to Mongomery, AL., Annunciation Church

1953 * Elected President of the Mongomery Clergy Association.

1954 * Honored "Member of the Year" by the International Kiwanis Club for the State of Louisiana.

1955 * Assigned to New Orleans, Louisiana Organized the Mission Churches of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Gulfport and Biloxi Mississippi

1956 * Appointed Chaplain for the only Leper Colony in America in Carville, LA serving 17 Orthodox Lepers. Buried all and married two. Later the colony was relocated to the Caribbean.

1957 * Honored by the National Boy's Scout of America for organizing the Bienville Trail Merit Badge for Scouts in tribute to the founder of the City of New Orleans (Jean Baptiste Le Moyne Sier DeBienville Trail 3 mile walking Tour).

1959 * Served as an Orthodox Chaplain/staff member and Faculty member at Loyola University in New Orleans

1960 * Served as an Orthodox Chaplain.Staff and Faculty member at Tulane University Appointed Chaplain of the Propeller Club of New Orleans Appointed Chancellor of the Eighth Diocese by Bishop Silas

1961 * Requested by His Eminence Archbishop Iakovos to fund raise funds for the Hellenic College and Holy Cross Theological School

Knighted by His Holiness Patriarch Benedictos I of Jerusalem for securing a substantial gift from the William Helis Foundation to restore the Holy Sepulcher

Honorary Citizen of Texas

Appointed Chaplain for the New Orleans City Council

1962 * Nominated to receive the "Loving Cup" for special services from the news media of New Orleans

1964 * Organized the YAL Conference for the Archdiocese in New Orleans

1965 * Elected Chairman to raise funds for the United Way

Appointed Curator of the 8th Diocese in the absence of the Bishop

1966 * Taught Eastern Orthodox at Loyola University in New Orleans

1967 * Organized Campus Ministry LSU in Baton Rouge, LA

Taught Homeric Greek at the Roman Catholic Jesuit High School in New Orleans

1968 * Invited with Fr. Sam Gouvellis to attend the Ecumenical Breakfast honoring Martin Luther King in New Orleans 3 days before his assassination.

Offered the opening prayer at the US Congress, House of Representatives

Elected to serve on the Archdiocese Mix Council and also on the Diocesan Council

1969 * Assisted Fr. Poulos to raise funds for the Ionian Village Camp Chapel

1970 * Appointed to the task force to bring an NFL Football Team to the City of New Orleans, the SAINTS.

Elected President of Greater New Orleans Federation of Churches (327 Churches)

Organized the Interchurch visitation Program "Meet Your Neighbor". The Cathedral had over 1,200 visitors a year.

1972 * Assigned to North Miami, FL.

1973 * TV Evangelist (5 years) New Orleans, Channel 49 - public station

1973 * Organized the Mission Church of Melbourne, FL

1974 * Organized the Mission Church of Hollywood, FL

1975 * Returned to New Orleans

Organized the Mission Church of Panama City, FL, Saint John the Theologion

1976 * Organized the only Greek Seafarers Center in America, Saint Nicholas

Invited to preach at the Historical Cathedral of Saint Louis in New Orleans

Appointed Navy Chaplain for the Eighth Naval District in New Orleans

Received the National Council of Christians and Jews Award for outstanding service towards the unity of Faith

1977 * Appointed Director of Campus Ministry by His Eminence Archbishop Iakovos

Organized and Edited the National Campus Review for College Students

Elected to the New Orleans Port Authority representing Greek Ships in Port

Offered the opening prayer at the Sugar Bowl

1978 * Elected President of the Tulane University Chaplain Corp.

1979 * Elected President of Loyola University Interfaith League for Minority Groups

1980 * Elected President of the New Orleans, LA Capital Punishment Committee

Intergrated the membership of the Greater Federation in New Orleans by inviting the Afro/American Ministers to hold office

1982 * Organized the "Papouli Scholarship Fund" for the Ladies of Philoptochos Society granting Scholarships to Students of Holy Cross School of Theological in Brookline, MA

1992 * Elected President of the Retired Clergy Association and served for 10 years

2004 * Reelected President of the Retired Clergy Association

Donated $50,000.00 to the Mission Church of Panama City, FL.

Books Authored

  • Early History of the Holy Trinity Church in New Orleans
  • A.B.C.of Orthodoxy for College Students
  • Bread in my Basket, "Meditation"
  • The Theotokos, "Mother of God"
  • He Touched Me, "Faith Within"
  • Prayer Is The Answer, "Inner Faith"
  • "The Miracle of the Century"