History - Greek Orthodox Retired Clergy Association

History of the Retired Clergy Association

The Greek Orthodox Retired Clergy Association was started by a group of farsighted Retired Priest who felt that even though they had retired from active duty, they still could be useful to the Church they served and loved. In 1988 Fathers John C. Zanetos, Demosthenes Mekras, Emmanual Bouyoucas, Dean Timothy Andrews and George Papadeas joined together to form the first Board of Trustees of the Retired Clergy. They immediately incorporated in the State of Florida. From a handful of Retires the Association grew to over 200 Members.

The Founding Fathers started by stating the purposes of the Association:

  1. To promote fellowship among the retired clergy and their families and to assist each other in any problems and emergencies, personal, emotional or financial they may have to face alone.
  2. To promote cooperation and mutual respect with the active clergy by helping, supporting, guiding, sharing their experiences with them and aiding them in their ministry, when requested to, and to help prepare them for retirement.
  3. To support all the activities, growth and progress of the Church through close cooperation be­tween the Board of Trustees of the Retired Clergy Association and the Archdiocesan Presbyters Council by having occasional meetings together.
  4. To work closely with both the clergy and laity for the promotion of the welfare and progress of the Church.
  5. To take a pro-active role in the administration of the Church by speaking out at Clergy-Laity Congresses.
  6. To advise the Archbishop on all matters vital to the Church, including the nomination and election of Bishops, and the appointment of a representative of the Retired Clergy Association on all National Church Committees.
  7. To guard and protect the Orthodox Faith and Orthodox way of life by speaking out fearlessly against any excess or wrong doing in the governance of the Church.
  8. To engage in projects that benefit the Church and her faithful.
  9. To guard and improve any and all benefits, to which the Retired Clergy are entitled.