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Priestly Chats with Older Brothers

A Ministry for the Students of the Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology

This new ministry introduced by the RCA began in January of 2008. This ministry is designed to enhance and expand the realities of parish life to specifically the seniors, and to all interested students of our Holy Cross Theological School. In addition to the theories they receive in the schooling, the senior seminarians have the opportunity to see life as a priest, through the eyes of retired priests and experience the successes and failures in chats with their older and wiser brothers. This ministry has been titled as "Priest Chats with Older Brothers", which describes what it is meant to be. The opportunity to speak one on one with interested seminarians.

The President of Holy Cross, Fr. Nicholas Triantafilou, has been extremely supportive of the program. Fr. Nicholas has made a point to introduce and welcome the RCA visiting priest for the week at the Monday night vespers; has arranged for him to be the celebrate at a service and to address the student body; and has him address the senior class at one of the classes he teaches.

2008 Participants
Fr. Miltiades Efthimiou
Fr. Dean Gigicos
Fr. Evagoras Constantinides

2009 Participants
Fr. Nicholas Magoulias
Fr. Joel McEachen

The following are the basic guidelines of this ministry which have been adopted and implemented by the RCA Board of Directors:

  • There will be four annual visitations,
  • The visits will take place sometime during the first three months of each year.
  • The visits will not exceed longer than five days.
  • The RCA will reimburse participants for travel expenses only.
  • Holy Cross will provide housing and meals during the duration of each visit.
  • The RCA visiting priest will be present at all community activities, especially services meals, etc.
  • The RCA visiting priest will be available to meet all interested students in the Pomfret/RCA Room located in the Archbishop Iakovos Library during the day and early evening hours for individual or group chats.

Interested retired priests may request to volunteer and be selected for this program by returning the attached application to the RCA Vice-President.

The selections will be considered and voted by the RCA Executive Board.

The Vice-President in accordance to the RCA bylaws will serve as Chairman of this ministry.

Any retired priest interested in participating in this ministry during 2010 should complete and return the application form by October 1st 2009 to be considered.