The Epistle Newsletter

The Epistle RCA Newsletter was created by Fr. John Zanetos in 1988. It was the only way to communicate with the brethren. Years later in 1992 when Fr. William Gaines was elected RCA President Fr. Vieron volunteered to undertake the task of editing, printing and mailing the Epistle. The Epistle evolved it became a vehicle bring all the retirees together. Fr. Vieron decides to resign as editor after 17 years of services. Frs. Soteropoulos, the President and Gigicos, the Vice President, flew to Memphis with hope of changing his mind, but he refused.  

Upon the resignation of Fr. Nicholas Vieron, Presbytera Nikki Stephanopoulos assumed the editorship of the Epistle. She collected the material and printing and mailing was handled by Father Soteropoulos. After three months she requested to be released of her obligation because interfered with her travel plans.

At this point, the Board of Trustees asked Fr Nicholas Soteropoulos to assume the Editorship of the Epistle until someone could be found. Two pieces of equipment were purchased: a color printer and a digital ink printer. We now do our own printing, not only the Epistle, but all the printing needs of the RCA.

Five years later Fr. Nicholas Samaras volunteered to edit the Epistle. Two years later, Fr. Soteropoulos was again asked to assume the Editing of the Epistle. 

Three years ago an Editorial Committee was formed and after reviewing the results of a recent questionnaire decided that the following should be included:

  1. News about retired clergy and Presvyteres.
  2. Information to help clergy in retirement.
  3. Articles of interest to retired clergy submitted by members of RCA.
  4. Humor, jokes, cartoons.
  5. A column by Loukia LoPresti, “Remembering our youth”
  6. Eulogies of those who died. Eulogies would be limited to half page. Each eulogy would appear only once.
  7. There would be no news from Archdiocese or Metropolises unless it dealt directly with the retired clergy and RCA.

We welcome photos, articles, news from and about members. We like to include information on what our fellow clergy are doing in retirement.

To mail the “Epistle” first class cost approximately $220.00. Sending it bulk mail cost approximately $72.00 a savings $148.00. The only problem is that bulk mail takes approximately two weeks to be delivered. For this reason we mail it by the 15th of the month, so that you will receive it by the beginning of the month.

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