Fr. Andrew E. Georgaroudakis

Born: October 5, 1933
Died: 1983

Fr. Andrew E. Georgaroudakis born on October 5, 1933 in Springfield, MA was the son of Eftechious and Mary (Koulierakis) Georgaroudakis. From an early age his life revolved around the church. He served as an altar boy and was active in his hometown parish of Saint George. Upon graduating from Classical High School in 1951 he entered Holy Cross Theological School -Brookline, MA and graduated in 1957 as class valedictorian. Following gradua-tion, Fr. Andrew continued his studies at the University of Athens in the Schools of Theology and Philosophy.

In 1960, he married the former Evangeline Vasilakis of Ambridge, PA and had two children Mariam and Christopher.

October 2, 1960 marked the date when Fr. Andrew was ordained into the Holy Diaconate at Saint Basil's Academy - Garrison, New York. One week later, October 9, 1960, Fr. Andrew was ordained into the Holy Priesthood at the church of St. George in New Bedford, MA.

During his ministry he served the following communities:

  • The Transfiguration Church - Mason City, Iowa
  • St. George - Schenectady, New York
  • Dormition of the Theotokos - Greensboro, North Carolina
  • Holy Trinity - Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Holy Trinity - Lewiston, Maine

Fr. Andrew was recognized and elevated to the rank of Economos in 1974.

Fr. Andrew was an avid reader, stamp collector, and had an appreciation for music and languages. Also, he was a member of the Editorial Team, which reviewed the red Divine Liturgy book used in many churches today.

In the parishes he served, he is remembered for the inspiring sermons delivered and bulletins he published treaching the word of God.  Fr. Andrew served his parishes as a humble servant of God. He tended to his flock defending Orthodoxy and preached the word of God with zeal and enthusiasm.