Greek Orthodox Retired Clergy Association Scholarship Program

The Retired Clergy Association annually offers the following three scholarships:

  1. A Scholarship of $1,000.00 to assist a seminarian at our Holy Cross School of Theology.
  2. Two "Dr. Nicholas Vidalakis" Family Scholarships of $1,500.00 each for Widowed Presvyteres and their families.
  3. The "Pedas Brothers" Scholarship of $2,500.00 for Widowed Presvyteres.

Holy Cross School Of Theology Seminarian Scholarship

The Widowed Presvyteres have given invaluable service to our church and communities. They have been the partners, helpmates, advisors, and comforters to their husbands, the priests. They have given untold spiritual uplifting, much valuable advice, and love to the various communicants in their communities. While they did all this, they also ran the household, raised the children, and provided sympathetic ears and comfort to their husbands, Most of this was done behind the scenes with little if any recognition or gratitude expressed; they are the unsung heroines.

The Presvyteres deserve acknowledgement, fellowship, and love for their many decades of service. They should have uplifting interactions, positive feedback, friendship and fellowship, and pleasant spiritual endeavors. They deserve to have our trust and confidence in the implementation of meaningful programs to help provide them with the above concepts.

Three-Way Partnership: Retired Clergy Association, the Sisterhood of Presvyteres, and the Vidalakis Family.  Dr. Nick Vidalakis provided the idea and skeleton of the program, and provides the upfront initial funding in the amount of $30,000.

  1. Proposed Recipients: Widowed Presvyteres, Children, Grandchildren, Great grandchildren of living widowed Presvyteres.
  2. For each of ten years, the committee will pick one Female and one male as finalists to receive the scholarship from the total candidate pool of applicants.
  3. The number of years committed by Dr. Vidalakis: 10 years. Two Scholarships per year of $1,500 each; a total of $3,000 annually.
  4. Proposed applicants:
    1. Must be a graduate or a High School Senior and intending to start college or a graduate program in the Fall.
    2. Completed High School and later decides to attend college.
    3. Presently in College.
    4. Entering, or presently in, Graduate School.
  5. Recipients are eligible for the scholarship only once.
  6. Awarding Scholarships will be based on:
    1. Relative need
    2. A G.P.A. of at least 3.0/B Grades, on a scale up to 4.0 G.P.A.
    3. Extra-curricular activities and leadership.
    4. Community service in various organizations
  7. The Vidalakis Scholarship for the Families of Widowed Presvyteres will be administered by a committee of five (5) members authorized to administer said Scholarship. This committee will consist of two members of the RCA, two widowed Presvyteres from the Sisterhood, and a member of the Vidalakis family. The Committee will meet once or twice a year to review applications and award the scholarships. A secretary will be elected to gather the applications and report to the committee. Each member will serve a two year term. The Membership on the committee will be on a rotating basis. The first year in order to have a rotating committee, one RCA Member and one of the Sisterhood will serve for one year. The following years each member will serve a full term of two years. This will provide continuity and [a] wider participation. The Vidalakis family member will be appointed by the family and they will determine the length of their term. This Committee will make the final applicant selections and be the final authority.
  8.  The Vidalakis Scholarship Committee shall design an appropriate application form for all applicants who wish to apply for the scholarships.
  9. Dr. Vidalakis will fund the entire $30,000.00 as soon as the administrative process is in place.
  10. The RCA and the Sisterhood Board of Trustees will jointly invest the funds and hopefully make additional money and extend the life of the scholarship beyond ten years.
  11. For each of the initial 10 years, any male recipients of the scholarship, who attends Holy Cross School of Theology in Brookline Mass., will be given an additional $1,000 making this scholarship $2,500. We hope there are several young men who will be among our scholarship recipients and who will choose to become priests. This scholarship would be awarded only after the recipient has been enrolled and accepted into Holy Cross School of Theology. If, after the initial ten year period of this scholarship, there is any remaining balance of the $10,000 grant to fund this supplemental award to seminarians, any remaining amount including interest will be added to the original $30,000 scholarship program fund.
  12. Hopefully, the scholarship money will be expanded. Others who may hear of the program may decide to participate. For instance, a three thousand dollar gift would extend the program for one year. Someone may be moved to match the original grant of $30,000.00 or more. If that happens, we propose that person's name be added to the title. The Vidalakis' look for no recognition for the part they play in this program. May we always work in the good Lord's vineyard with wisdom, goodness, kind hearts and love.

Pedas Family Widowed Presvyteres

This scholarship program was established in 2009 by Ted and James Pedas Family and is administered by the Greek Orthodox Retired Clergy Association. Assistance is offered to widowed Presvyteres enrolled in:

  • A full-time University or College or graduate studies leading to a Degree, or
  • A Business Program, or
  • Associate‚Äôs Degree

This scholarship, offering a two year scholarship of $1,500 per academic year, is available to assist a widowed Presvytera to support herself and her family.

Candidates must be a widowed Presvytera within the jurisdiction of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese. Candidate must be high school graduates and continuing their studies, full-time.

  1. Candidates must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents of the United States.
  2. Candidates must complete the application form (please print clearly and fill in all items requested on all three pages) and submit it to the Scholarship Committee together with all the other items required below and as detailed on the attached Checklist. Completed application packets must be postmarked no later than March 15th of the current year in order to be considered by the Scholarship Committee.
  3. Students receiving a full scholarship from any other source or a partial scholarship exceeding fifty percent (50%) of their tuition are ineligible for the Pedas Family Widowed Presvyteres Scholarship program.
  4. Candidates must include a Scholarship Proposal: Describe how your current studies will allow you to employ your talents and how being awarded this scholarship will help you use these talents to serve your family, Church or community at large.

Candidates may include an Optional Personal Statement, including an explanation of any special/extenuating circumstance(s).

Candidates must include a minimum of three (3) Letters of Recommendation.

The first two must be from:

  1. Academic - from a professor or advisor or program director.
  2. Religious/Spiritual - from a Greek Orthodox Archbishop, Metropolitan, local Priest

The other (s) can be:

  1. Personal, from someone who knows you well (not family).
  2. Supervisor, from a manager or employer (for paid, unpaid, volunteer, intern, service, or other type of work).
  3. Professional peer (a colleague or co-worker).
  4. A recommendation of your own choosing, not listed above.

Completed packets with all of the application materials listed above, including the completely filled-in application form and the Checklist as your top page, should be sent to:

RCA Scholarship Committee,
162-41 Powells Cove Blvd.,
Beechhurst, NY 11356

Deadline: The Scholarship application packets must be postmarked by the MARCH 15th of the current year. Late submissions will not be accepted by the committee. Incomplete packets will not be considered by the committee.

Any questions should be directed to the Scholarship Office at (Fr. N. Soteropoulos 162-41 Powells Cove Blvd., Beechhurst, NY 11357) or by e-mail at: